Episodes of the television show Xavier Riddle and secret museum

This is a paper that requires students to view both episodes of the television show Xavier Riddle and secret museum. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing this assignment paper well.

Episodes of the television show Xavier Riddle and secret museum

View BOTH episodes of the television show Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum that are posted to our Canvas site (there is one link to both approximately 12 minute long episodes, The Wright Brothers and The Bronte Sisters).

This television show has been promoted as having an educational message. Your job is to use the developmental theory and research evidence we have read and discussed in class to evaluate these episodes’ effectiveness in conveying their educational message.

Although both episodes intend to introduce children to historical figures, The Wright Brothers episode’s main lesson is: “Don’t give up; mistakes help you learn.” The Bronte Sisters episode’s main lesson is: “There are lots of ways to spark your imagination including pretend play.”

Episodes of the television show Xavier Riddle and secret museum

As you view, take the perspective of a five-year-old child and answer the following:

1)  Firstly, compare the 2 episodes. Is this child viewer more likely to understand and learn the main lesson (as identified above) from the Wright Brothers episode or the Bronte Sisters episode? Explain why.

2)  Secondly, what content that appears in BOTH episodes would be difficult or confusing for this child viewer? Explain why it would be confusing and how, if at all, it would impact learning the main lesson (as identified above).

Be specific in your explanations. If you say children have difficulty making inferences, explain why theory and/or research would suggest it should be confusing. Describe specifically why that is a problem for learning the episode’s main lesson. If you use stage theory to support your claims, make sure to identify which stage this child is likely to be in. Use concrete examples (and quotes, if appropriate) from the video to illustrate your answer.

Use both your class readings and class notes for your assignment (no outside reading should be included in this paper). Be sure to write in paragraph form and include an introduction and a conclusion. Cite the articles and chapters appropriately, using APA format, and include a reference list. See our Canvas site for links to APA formatting guidelines.

Approximately 4-5 pages, double spaced, 11 or 12 point font, 1 inch margins. Please paginate. Use APA citation format.