EPI in the NEWS You will find one current popular press article (e.g. ABC, CNN, NBC, HuffPost, etc) that discusses an aspect of epidemiology (study findings, emerging outbreak, disease surveillance, etc.). Find the original source of the information (e.g. journal article, MMWR, or medical drug information) that was used for the popular press article. Compare and contrast the information presented in the popular press article to the original source of the information. You will attach the popular press article to your assignment. You will write a short critique of the article and determine whether the conclusions of the article are accurate.  Articles must have been published within the last year. Paper Content  Provide a short synopsis (summary) of the popular press article in your own words.  Discuss how the popular press article is linked (related) to epidemiology. Use concepts from the course.  Communicate the key points of the popular press article in a way the audience (your classmates) understand  Conclude the paper with a critique of the information in the article. This can include information such as: o What are the main take away points? o Do you think information is missing from the popular press article based on the source information? o Did the popular press article misconstrue the source information? o Is the information presented in the popular press article biased? Why do you think that? o What precautions do people need to take based on the information in the article? o What areas of future research could the information in the article lead to? Rubric: Formatting  -Includes references -Includes in-text citations – 4 pages double spaced – No spelling and grammatical errors -1-inch margins -11-12 pt font -Reads like a critique or editorial letter -Explains why this issue should or should not concern the audience -A brief description of the newspaper article. -Explains findings and statistics in plain language. -Critiques study reporting of the design, findings or limitations in the newspaper article. -Explains how limitations of the newspaper article may affect the audience of the newspaper article. -Highlights issues in the source journal article that should have been communicated in the newspaper article. -Critical thinking displayed.