Enterprise Risk Management

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Chapter 18: Blue Wood Chocolates

Please address the questions presented below.

  1. What are the prospects and consequences for Blue Wood if it carries on the way it has been?
  2. What are the main challenges in developing and implementing a risk management framework for Blue Wood? How does the ownership structure affect these challenges?
  3. If the company is to develop a risk management framework, who should lead the process? Should a Chief Risk Officer (CRO) be appointed? If so, to whom should he/she report and have access to? How could smaller companies without the resources for a dedicated CRO deal with ERM? What is the role for the Board in such a process?

Chapter 19: Kilgore Custom Milling

Please address the questions below presented by your instructor.

  1. Assume that the management team has hired you to advise them on their overall risk profile and has asked you to prepare a SWOT analysis for their review and as input to the upcoming strategic planning session. What would you put into your analysis? Additionally, how does your analysis affect the risk management strategies that Kilgore might choose to utilize?
  2. What are the main financial risk management issues that Cathy and the rest of the management team at Kilgore need to focus on?
  3. What factors need to be considered when integrating financial risk management into an enterprise risk management framework?