Entering the “Conversation

Please follow the instruction listed during the File YOU will need to quote Super Size Me, directed by Morgan Spurlock; Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser; “Absolutely. Government Has No Business Interfering with What You Eat” by Radley Balkor. Also you need to Provide at least two counterargument/refutation sequences as well as provide in-text citations as well as a Works Cited page with using MLA format. TOPIC: Should we blame fast food companies for the health problems of consumers? Along with answering these questions Where does personal responsibility stop, and corporate responsibility begin?” In this paper you will be asked to weigh in on this very question. Do obese people who sue fast food corporations for “hooking” them on Big Macs have a valid claim? Do consumers have anyone to blame other than themselves for their consumption, or are we entirely responsible for what we eat, even if the content of the food we buy isn’t revealed to us by the seller? To what degree are fast food chains such as McDonald’s like drug pushers preying on human weakness? How culpable is the fast food industry for America’s health problems?