Enhancing Team Creativity

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Refer to the Prepare for Week 3 Learning Assignment in the Wk 3 – Learning Activities folder.

In addition to working efficiently, teams also need to approach problem-solving with creativity. However, what one person considers creative another might not.

Consider the following:

  • What do people who work in teams think about creativity? How can you express this?

Conduct interviews regarding team creativity. Identify two people to interview and then share the results within the blog

Create a 700-word team blog using Google® Blogger, WordPress®, or other sites in which includes the following:

  • Discuss how creativity is measured.
  • Identify the four general conceptual domains into which new ideas can be classified.
  • Discuss threats to team creativity.
  • Recommend ways teams can enhance creativity.

Merge all interview documents and include a cover sheet with the URL for the blog.