Enhancing crop production by raising bees as pollinators on agriculture farms.

Focus on 2 studies talking about how raising and having bees on farms enhance crop production. He should talk about 2 different fruits in 2 different farms: each farm growing a certain type of fruit (apple, tomato…) The writer should talk as introduction about the farms, their location, their land (the required altitude, temperature… for bees to be efficient) , the environment that are all suitable for bees and help the bees optimize the fruits production.Talk about all the points circling the process of bees on fruits: how they do it, why they do it… The writer needs also to come up will all the benefits (the impact) that bees have on fruit production (in this case the 2 fruits that the writer decided to talk about): improves crop quality, increases crop production, shelf life, commercial value… THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT TO COVER/ BENEFITS SHOULD BE DIFFERENT IN BOTH CASES. Finally, the conclusions that support the arguments. This should be very clear and comprehensive.