English Expository Writing

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Claims, Evidence, and Explanation Worksheet

1. When you click on this submission link, you’ll find a worksheet.

  • Please actively read and annotate this worksheet. It includes definitions and descriptions of claims, evidence, and explanation, which are essential in most academic and professional writing.
  • After the information section, there is an exercise in which you will practice creating an explanation that ties together a claim and supporting evidence.

2. Submit a self-review of your Paper #1 summary paragraph draft

. Do a self-review of the summary paragraph draft you wrote and submitted to eLearning in Week #2. You’ll be re-submitting that paragraph, but with marginal notes that indicate your evaluation of the paragraph according to the grading criteria in the rubric.

  • Open the grading rubric and evaluate your summary draft according to the criteria in the “Summary Paragraph” category and in the “Both Summary Paragraph & Application Paragraph” category.
  • Carefully review the summary and use the “Insert Comment” feature in Word to include your assessment of your paragraph for each criterion.
  • For instance, your first comment might be about the topic sentence. It could read: “Included TED Talk and speaker’s name; forgot to include year for APA citation. Big picture statement is probably too general.”
  • Include comments about what meets the requirements and looks good as well as what doesn’t meet the requirements and has room for improvement. A thorough self-review will be very useful to you in the revision process.