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Wired for Story and “My First and Second Language” Readings and Annotation

Review Lecture: Active Reading & How to Annotate (If you haven’t already.)

Now since you have refreshed and reviewed how to annotate a text, we are going to practice in an effort to hone our skill for marking texts. (Next, week we will be discussing these two texts, and I will ask you to review your notes and annotations when in response.)

The first reading is the first chapter from Lisa Cron’s book Wired for Story and discusses the same subject from her talk, the intersection of brain science and story. One think that you might want to think about while reading this chapter is whether you find her TED speech or the chapter of her book more successful. Do you connect better with her through TED on video or through her written words?

“Chapter One” from Wired for Story

The second reading that you have is a non-fiction piece by Arab-Australian poet Omar Sakr titled “My First and Second Language.” This piece centers on the deep well that is language and memory.

“My First and Second Language” by Omar Sakr

Once you are doing reading, please follow out two of the following Annotation Worksheet (one for each reading.)

Blank Annotation Worksheet here .

(You can download it, type in your responses, and save your file.)


To submit, please attach your saved files as either a Word or PDF file below and click Submit. You can submit twice for each annotation worksheet.