English 1302 Research Paper Year 1905

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Assignment #1 (Paper #1): Write an overview of the year you have discussing the major events of that year. You should discuss at least five or six events in this paper so that a later decision can be made on the three you want to include in your research project. Proper citations and a Works Cited list are needed.

Below is a sample of how you can start your first paper. (This one concerns the year 1790.)

Phase 1 of the Research Paper

Since each of you will be choosing your year, your first assignment is write a short paper on the year you have chosen and what your preliminary research has revealed are important events of the year. These events can be worldwide events, but ones that made an impact on society in general and are worthy to be called important events for that year. In your paper, you should discuss at least five or six events and then I will either suggest three or leave it up to you. You must remember that in your research paper you must have a balanced discussion of each event and there will be other information from your year that will be used in your introduction and conclusion. Here is an outline for this paper.

  1. Introduction
    1. General statement about events that happen in each year
    2. Specific statement about the year you have: 1790 was a year of “firsts in the United States.” The United States was establishing goals and laws to help govern the nation while new states were being added to the country and expansion was occurring. Social issues were becoming important to the citizenry. In other parts of the world people were voicing their opinions and rebelling against established principles.
    3. Thesis statement focusing on events of importance: This year President George Washington gave the first State of the Union address, the Supreme Court met for the first time, the first U.S. census was taken, the patent office was established, and new states were added to the union. There was also the establishment of the District of Columbia and a delegation of Quakers to petition the U.S. Congress to abolish slavery. In another part of the world the several mutineers on the ship “The Bounty” established themselves on Pitcairn Island.
  2. Development paragraph(s): can be divided according to topics.
    1. Topic sentence: Name the topics.
    2. Support: State something about each event in the topic and why it is important
    3. Transition: Indicate your preferences
  3. Conclusion: A statement about other events in the year that could be considered.

Don’t forget to document all information with references.