english 105 Essay #2 – Allen Prompt

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Here is the prompt for the Allen essay with some tips to help you understand it.

Who Is Will Allen?


We have discussed several factors that shape and inform our identities. We read James Paul Gee’s theory of Discourses (excerpt from “Discourses and Literacies”) and developed a better understanding of how the groups or communities in which we participate make us who we are and help us to establish a sense of self, both from our own perspective and the perception of others.

We need to apply this knowledge to Will Allen’s book The Good Food Revolution to understand the difficulties an individual may experience in navigating various Discourses and discovering his/her own identity. While there are many factors that influenced Allen’s sense of self, you are to weigh in on what you believe to be the most significant elements that shaped his identity.

Your Task

There are many influences that affected Allen in his journey to become the extraordinary man he is today. In a 4-5-page essay, analyze Allen’s experiences and identify what you believe are the most important Discourses that shaped his identity by answering the writing question below:

What are the most significant Discourses that shaped Will Allen? And, in what ways did these Discourses affect his identity?

Tip: Your answer to the writing question is your thesis!

Criteria for Success

A successful essay includes the following:

A clear and arguable thesis that functions as a controlling idea for the essay

An effective introduction that captures reader interest and strongly orients the reader

Evidence from the readings (examples and quotes) to illustrate your points

Unified paragraphs with clearly stated topic sentences and thoughtful analysis

Careful proofreading

Proper MLA formatting and citations