ENG 1A The Psychology of Change by Mary Pipher

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This Assignment counts as Essay 3 – TEXT ANALYSIS. Be sure that your summary, outline, and other portions of the Study Guide assignment are well-developed and fully quoted and cited so as to count for the essay. This assignment requires your close reading of the chapter. TURN IN BETWEEN FRIDAY AND SUNDAY OF WEEK 4.

Directions: Please read and annotate “The Psychology of Change” by Mary Pipher. Annotate the chapter; Then, compose a Study Guide of the chapter and upload it here. Use last week’s directions for Study Guides to complete your assignment.

READ THE CHAPTER HERE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GSrB8Vkxtje5AM1LZbzFGf2cmsQAQkCj/view?usp=sharing (Links to an external site.)

Turn in your Study Guide (Essay 3) by SUNDAY of Week 4. Your assignment should include a summary of the chapter, a formal outline, new vocabulary and concepts, discussion questions and answers, and at least a full and completely developed paragraph of Analysis of the chapter, finished with finding at least 1 additional source in the library on the concepts shared in this chapter.