ENG 111 Santa Barbara City College Parental Behavior Essay

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Choose one of the following prompts to write a 5-page essay (approximately 1500 words). Include the word count (start under the title, text only) in the heading. Include a thesis statement, quotes from the stories to support your points with evidence, and an appropriate title. This paper should be double spaced and formatted according to our course guidelines. Be sure to cite using the 20016 MLA Update.


1. Parental behavior operates differently in every relationship. Choose two stories to define and contrast parental behavior and the results of that behavior.

2. Human behavior in fiction mirrors aspects of real life. Select two characters in two different stories, and compare their behavior. Explain how their behavior affects the outcome of both stories.

3. Archetypes fall into two major categories: characters, or situations/symbols. Discuss archetypal theory as it relates to two of the stories.