ENG 111 Miami University Comparison Between Drilling & Fracking Outline

Need help with my Environmental Science question – I’m studying for my class.

  1. Open the Outline Template for Research Argument Essay (WORD DOC ATTACHMENT) and use it as a template to create a sentence outline for the research paper on fracking. (Remove direction sentences as you complete your sentence outline.)
  2. Review the thesis statement: I will argue that fracking is better than drilling because it is more environment-friendly and is more cost effective and more beneficial to social and economic life. Refine the thesis statement as needed. Make sure it includes topic, a clear key argument (claim) and 2-4 focused main ideas that prove the argument.
  3. Using your thesis create a topic sentence for each main idea in your thesis. This creates unity.
  4. Once you have unity between your thesis and topic sentences, develop each topic sentence idea using adequate supporting evidence from your research and explanation/analysis from your own thinking. Make sure your quotes are integrated as modeled in the quote sandwich (Links to an external site.).
  5. Remember, if you have a great deal to say about one main idea in your thesis, you might consider developing more than one paragraph for this main idea when you write your essay. So pay attention to the amount of evidence you have for each main idea as you develop your outline.
  6. Your outline and your essay should include in text citations to document evidence from all FIVE sources you used in your annotated bibliography. (You may use more sources if you like.)
  7. Finally, create a Works Cited (Links to an external site.) page based on the sources you researched and annotated. Your works cited must have the five required sources from your Annotated Bibliography, but without the annotations. (Note: if you use more sources, remember to include them in the works cited.)