ENG 101 Case of Plagiarism less than a page response

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A graduate student writing his research proposal copies whole sentences and paragraphs from several other publications. These sentences and paragraphs are not shown to be quotations in the research proposal, but their sources are listed in the references at the end of the proposal. The students’ supervisor sees that many passages in the proposal are copied in this way and reports the fact to the head of the graduate school. The head of the school expels the student for plagiarism, but says he may reapply for the next academic year.

Please give your opinions, with reasons for your answers, on the following questions:

1. Was the way in which the student used to the information from the other publications normal and acceptable?

2. Could there be any circumstances in which the student might be forgiven?

3. Either state why the action of the head of the school was right, or state what other action the head of the school should take.