Endocrine Profiles Analysis

I’m trying to learn for my Genetics class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Analyze the “Endocrine Profiles…” paper (attached), and answer the following questions:

1.In Table 1, how many out of the 26 variables tested show a significant difference between male and female athletes? Remember, the p-values will indicate whether or not there is a significant difference between the means of males and females.

2.Of the variables that show a significant difference, choose 3 and briefly describe their function. Specifically, if/how they might affect human physiology and athletic ability (provide list of source links at end of post).

3.Do you think any of those 3 variables could be used to help determine if athletes can participate in a certain sport? Explain briefly.

4.In Figure 1 what do you notice about the distribution of testosterone levels for elite females compared to non-elite females? What about for elite vs. non-elite males?

5.Based on the results from this paper, do you think testosterone testing is the most fair thing to do? Explain why or why not.