Employer Drug Testing Reasonable Individualized Suspicion

This essay entaails an Employer Drug Testing to produce a Reasonable Individualized Suspicion. Employer Drug Testing is done by every employer which ensures the employee work output is maintained to acceptable levels.

Employer Drug Testing Reasonable Individualized Suspicion

The topic of employer drug testing falls under this category. As the reading tells us, public employees, that is, workers employed by a public entity such as the State, County or municipality, are protected from random drug testing by their employers because the government, or employer in this case, may not unreasonably search a citizen under the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The law also provides that public  who have a “reasonable individualized suspicion” that a worker may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol may give an employee. Public employees in safety-sensitive positions, such as police and fire fighters may also be tested. In the private sector, any employer may randomly test any employee at any time.

Discuss whether you believe that an employer has the right to drug test its employees? If not, why not? If so, why? Please consider what an employer may do with health information or how it may be used for nefarious purposes .

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