Employee Development through Coaching and Mentoring

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Step 1:

Read about different models of Coaching and Mentoring from Scopus Indexed Journals such as

⁻Personnel Psychology

⁻Academy of Management Journal. …

Step 2:

Choose any ONE model for coaching or mentoring or supervision and relate it to a real life observation which you have seen either at your place of employment or through Internship /Work placement.

required to write a 1200 – 1500 word essay

The essay should dig deeper to reflect on your learning. It must connect to academic concepts, theories, model, while critically examining your own understanding.

the report will be divided into three parts:

1.Introduction – Write a short introduction, which includes a summary of the CLO and the basic concepts of coaching / mentoring / supervision and how it leads to employee development. .

2.Evaluation and Analysis – This section is where you will address the chosen model and discuss its application in real life based on your experience.

3.Conclusion – This should simply reiterate your main points and conclusions. It should be no more than a few sentences long.

Remember to properly cite your references and provide bibliography as an appendix, using APA referencing style

Step 4 : prepare a short presentation of ( 4 – 5 slides) detailing the report.