Effectiveness of mask mandates or social distancing in reducing COVID

This is a paper that is focusing on the student to discuss the effectiveness of mask mandates or social distancing in reducing COVID. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of this assignment paper.

Effectiveness of mask mandates or social distancing in reducing COVID

For your literature review, choose a topic on the effects of COVID-19 on college students. Topics can range from the prevalence of COVID-19 among college students to the effectiveness of mask mandates/social distancing in reducing COVID-19 transmission. Some of the topics are below. This is just for your guidance, you can choose any topic within COVID-19 and college students.

1. Firstly, prevalence of COVID-19 among ages 15-24 years.

2. Secondly, effects of COVID-19 on mental health of college students.

3. Thirdly, barriers to using masks and/or following social distancing guidelines.

4. Fourthly, effectiveness of mask mandates and/or social distancing guidelines in reducing transmission rates

Critically review 5 peer-reviewed articles that are recent and most relevant to your topic from journals listed in databases such as Pubmed or Medline (PLEASE USE THESE AS SOURCES). Please include articles that are social, behavioral or epidemiological studies focusing on population health rather than molecular-level studies. Look at methodology, statistics, results, theoretical framework and article’s purpose.

Also, organize the information that makes sense and is coherent. Your literature review should critically assess the sources.

And, finally be sure to develop questions for further research. What still remains to be addressed in the field are your ideas and questions that have not been previously explored.

Effectiveness of mask mandates or social distancing in reducing COVID

Your review should consist of the following:

Introduction: focus of the review, and the purpose of the review

Body: give an overview of the main points in each sources/articles you chose, interpret the results in your own words, mention strengths and weaknesses and also write in well structured paragraphs using topic sentences to draw connections, comparisons and contrasts among studies.

Conclusion: summarize the key findings, emphasize their significance and recommendations for future research.

The review should be five pages long . Abstract is not necessary. The five-page count is not inclusive of title or reference page.

Anytime you present statistics, there has to be a proper in-text citation and the appropriate reference in the reference list.

The writing style must be in APA format (6th edition), double spaced, 12 font Times Roman with 1″ margin on both sides.

Here is the grading rubric:

Organization (20%): How is the information presented?  Did you follow the guideline and break the review into introduction, body and conclusions? and also is there a flow to your review? Is it easy to read and navigate?

Coherence (30%): Is your writing effective and is the information present tie well together?

Relevance (30%): Is the information presented current and from peer-reviewed journals?  Did you choose five peer-reviewed articles?

APA writing style (20%): Did you follow APA 6.0 format from headings, sub-headings to in-text citations and references?