Education Law

I’m working on a Law exercise and need support.

How effective are the current required mandatory disclosures? What disclosure do you think should be included?

Need help with a paper topic and outline only Not writing the actual paper.

please identify an area of financial regulation for which a higher education institution would typically have a written policy/procedure. (The area you focus on could be a topic we’ve already covered in class or will cover in class, or is otherwise of interest to you and related to financial regulation of higher education institutions.)

Please try and locate two different institution’s versions of a policy that addresses compliance with this regulation.

Draft a paper that has the follow sections:

Part I – High level summary of legal regulation at issue, and any major analysis of what that regulation means for institutions of higher education (I’m expecting this to be a research component of the paper with appropriate citations)

Part II – Summarize the first policy you found, identifying key aspects of that policy

Part III – Summarize the second policy you found, identifying key aspects of this second policy?