From my professor: “Mandatory Assignment Current Events are due for all exams: **All exams will require 2 current events pertaining to one of the topics covered in the chapters on the exam. The 2 current events must be typed, double spaced, spell checked, written in the student’s own words along with a reference for the source of the information. It must be at least 2 pages and discuss at least 2 current events that are no more than a week old in relation to the exam due date. The 2 current events are mandatory and accounts for 14 percent of grade. You must summarize the current events in your own words and explain what economic concept it pertains to and why? This assignment will be checked for plagiarism so make sure to put the information in your own words and to reference the sources of your information in the document. Use APA or MLA format for the written assignment. Put both current events in one document and submit them as one document. You need to write at least one page per event. This is not optional. This is due on the same day as the exam it pertains to.” The link below holds the tabs of chapters we have already gone over so you get an idea of what topics we have already covered. The last chapter covered is 27.4. Let me know if you have any questions!