ECON 201 and 141

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Discussion Board 1

Topic of Discussion

Consider a class ‘A’with a method public static void show( ). A class ‘Derived’ is the subclass of ‘A’.

  1. Is it possible to define the same method public static void show( ) in the Derived class. Why give reasons? Is it run time polymorphism? (0.5 Marks)
  2. Is it possible to define the method public void show( ) (non static method) in the Derived class. What will happen andwhy give reasons? (0.5 Marks)

Submission Instructions

  • Post your answers and discussions on the blackboard.
  • You are required to write at least ONE original post and ONE response commenting on the posts uploaded by your friends.

Marking Criteria

Total Marks Allotted:[1.5] 1 mark for answers + 0.5 Marks for the response

Due Date: 01/10/2020 @ 11:59PM