Ebooks and the Future of the Public Library

TOPIC ANALYSIS INSTRUCTIONS Each student will complete a topic analysis paper which will reflect his/her scholarship, interests, and worldview within the realm of media and culture. The student will compose a topic analysis paper according to the format sample provided in Course Guides and Assignment Instructions. The paper must include a single introduction paragraph and conclusion paragraph, as well as a title page and reference page. References should be APA formatted. The topic analysis content must be at least 6 pages, plus the title page and reference page (8 pages total). The body of the paper will be split up in APA level headings according to sub points of the topic and analysis. The student will be required to cite a minimum of 6 peer-reviewed sources that are less than 5 years old both in-text and on the reference page. The textbook may be used as a reference in this paper; however, it does not count as one of the 6 required resources. Wikipedia may not be used as a source. A research topic may be chosen from these broader topic areas: social media, public relations, advertising, branding, digital media production and distribution, journalism, radio, television or film production and distribution, strategic communication or advertising/public relations. The student will choose a more specific area from the topics above. Ex: “Social Media” is a very broad topic. Social Media as a News Delivery Device would be a more defined and manageable topic. “Advertising” would be very broad. But User Generated Content as an Advertising Vehicle would be more manageable. Is Fact-checking Part of a TV Reporter’s Job? would be a more narrow topic than television news. Biblical Worldview: A worldview is a lens from which we view reality and make sense of life and the world. This research assignment requires you to articulate a biblical worldview. A biblical worldview is based on the infallible Word of God. Someone with a biblical worldview believes the primary reason for existence in the world is to love and serve God. Your paper must include biblical references that relate to your chosen topic. You are also required to explain why your chosen verses matter and how they influence your findings.