East Los Angeles College Organ Donation & its Impacts on Survivors Discussion

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  1. Lossography:

Purpose-to explore one’s own history of loss and the impact of these losses. In this assignment you will explore your personal experiences with death and loss, how these experiences have shaped you, and your attitudes toward life and death.

This paper will entail a chronology of your loss experiences from your first to your most recent. For each event, you will provide the following: a detailed description of the event, (who died or what was the significant loss, how old you were at the time, how the person died, circumstances surrounding the death or loss, etc.;) reflections of your physical, cognitive, and emotional responses to the event; your understanding of how the event impacted others around you, family members, friends, even the community if applicable; the funeral/memorial service planning process, if you were privy to it; the funeral/memorial service; the short and long term effect on you and your family and friends; and, finally, in a concluding paragraph, you will discuss how your attitudes and reaction to death and loss have changed since your first experience to now. Do you believe your reactions to your death experiences reflect a “healthy” response? Why or why not? Do you feel a need to change your response pattern and, if so, what resources do you need to assist you with this? This paper should be between 3-4 pages. Though this paper will be written as a narrative, it must reflect college level writing, (e.g. correct grammar and spelling,) and should reflect your reading material, specifically chapter 9 of your text.


Organ Donation Exploration Paper:

Write a research paper on the history of organ donation, including the impact of organ donation on survivors. Conclude with your position on organ donation, supporting it with details. This must include 3 resources (remember .com is not a resource) This paper should be 4-5 pages


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