E commerce

In this project, you are required to evaluate one of the websites below based on what you learn from this course and your perspective. The evaluation will cover the different aspects of E-Commerce such as a business idea, website design, marketing, security etc.
You will need to analyze the business and provide suggestions to improve the current business situation.


Book for reference



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For Course Project, you are to build an E-Commerce Web site of your choice.

You may review / observe other sites to ensure you have a firm understanding of all the different parts that makes an e-commerce site work. i.e. Home Page, Navigations, Payment, Return, Shipping and so on….

For the Project VM:

Note: For VM, there are 4 options when you access the provided link (see email about VM), 2 of the options are for Windows Servers.Please ignore those. The other 2 are for Windows environment.The first VM is for Windows 7 and the other is for Windows 10 client. Please select one that matches your client – Windows 10, or Windows 7. If you have Mac, there are no VM’s for Mac.In this case, you will need to do use a Windows machine at school or find other mean to complete your project.

For the project Paper and e-commerce site:

Project Details: You will need to create a report about your website to upload to Moodle, which should include the following information.

  • Project Tile Page (your name, my name, date, class, project title)
  • Screen shots of the main Home Page of the Site – Site Name / Title ….See last section below for References and Attachments
  • Incorporate your business into the website. Be sure to include the following into your paper and website:
    • Your business (Plan, marketing strategies, etc.) and ethics
    • Product or Service (detailed description of your product or services)
    • Product pricing sheet
    • Ad slogans
    • Shopping cart
    • Payment methods
    • Return and refund policies
    • International policies (if any)
    • Cybersecurity Policy
    • Laws (local, cybersecurity, international, etc.)
    • Shipping methods
  • Conclusion page
  • References and Attachments:Please be sure to use APA format in writing your paper and make sure you use valid references and workable web-links.