Dreamland Creamery new flavor market launch research

This is a paper that is focusing on the Dreamland Creamery new flavor market launch research. The paper also provides an additional brief of the company to use in writing the assignment paper.

Dreamland Creamery new flavor market launch research

The paper should be about 4 pages long and follow the APA format. This excludes any research citations or references that you may use. Include a concise introduction and a brief conclusion at the end. Remember to cite every material that you may use for this assignment.
A. Dreamland Creamery is planning to launch a new flavor of ice cream. Before introduction the company wants to have a “snapshot” of the potential market. The ice cream has a coconut white chocolate flavor with mixed in pistachios and is aimed at the premium market.
i.          Firstly, what type of research design is appropriate?
ii.         Secondly, develop the research purpose, research questions, and hypothesis.

Dreamland Creamery has evidently done some preliminary market research and has come up with idea that one of its main distinguishing flavor should be “coconut white chocolate favor with mixed in pistachio”. Thus the main branding element in this product is that it has a unique flavor and a ‘healthy’ product (to the extent that any ice cream can possibly be healthy!)
The marketing problem here is that before the company formally launches the product it wants to garner a ‘sense’ of its potential market so that it can be assured that its product is not going to bomb in the marketplace. You have been tasked with the job of conducting a ‘market research’ to find out the various issues that are typically associated with a new product launch. The paper should not be researching and writing about the Ice Cream market. The paper is focused on market research design.

Dreamland Creamery new flavor launch research

Part i. “What type of research design is appropriate?” :
Why is that research design is important, and explain why you picked this research design over other design. This first part is related to the methods. On top of it data gathered from secondary sources will be relevant. For example data relating to whether ice cream consumption is on the rise or decline will be relevant. Be sure to

Part ii. “Develop the research purpose, research questions, and hypothesis.”
This second part relates to developing the research purpose, research questions and hypothesis. This would obviously include factors such as what specific research problems you are trying to resolve. As well you may touch upon the various research questions and what kind of hypothesis you like to develop upon. In this connection the relevant issues among others will be the type of customers that this new product is targeting, a broad outline of the demographic profile, the factors/variables that could influence the success (or failure) of a new product like these ice cream etc.