Dragon’s Den Business Impact Analysis Presentation

This is a paper that is focusing on the Dragon’s Den Business Impact Analysis Presentation. The paper also divides the assignment paper into two parts to writing of the paper.

Dragon’s Den Business Impact Analysis Presentation

Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of this module students will be able to:

1. Firstly, compare and contrast the main principles of financial and management accounting.

2. Secondly, prepare and evaluate a Business Case

3. Thirdly, interpret and critically analyse financial information.

4. Fourthly, assess and demonstrate examples of good financial management.

5. Additionally, critically discuss, budgeting and costing, revenue and capital expenditure and how they inform decision making in organisations.

6. Lastly, critique the necessity for good financial policy and practice.

Please note that the assessment criteria for Module 5 has now changed. Due to the ongoing situation the planned examination will now be replaced by the following forms of assessment.

Dragon’s Den Business Impact Analysis Presentation

Assignment A: Dragon’s Den Presentation (40%)

You are to submit agroup  presentation using PowerPoint and recorded using Loom.  There should be evidence of original thought, analysis and evaluation in the presentation. The presentation should be pitched to the Board in a convincing and professional manner. The presentation should extend beyond the information contained in the report.

The purpose of this section of the assessment is to further extend the key aspects of the costed Business Plan (Business Impact Analysis) and the budgeting areas for improvement, allowing you to demonstrate your ability to present financial and accounting analysis and evaluation in a meaningful and convincing way.  The presentation should also:
a) demonstrate original thought with high level analysis and evaluation of the Business Plan and budgeting areas for improvement.
b) present arguments supported with reference to the literature.
c) include professional and convincing presentation pitch and professional PowerPoint slides.
d) Show very clear evidence of critical thinking, analysis and evaluation throughout.

Provide one group presentation (maximum 20 minutes, minimum 17 minutes). All group members will participate in creating the content, but you will be able to choose who your presenter(s) is/are.

Assignment B (60%).

You must answer both question 1 and 2 and clearly show all relevant workings.
Question 1 should be in 1,500 words (+ -10%)

You applied for the position of the Associate Finance Manager and you have been informed that you need to take a test as a part of the recruitment process. One of the test questions is about budgets and budgeting.

You are required to provide deep explanation of the budget, how it is prepared, budgetary process, benefits of budgeting, the importance of selecting the right type of budget and also the importance of budgetary control.

Using your knowledge from the module, how would you answer above question.     (40% of Assignment B)

Question 2
Medical Mart plc, a medical supplies and service company, has produced the following Trial Balance on the 31st December 2019.