Domestic Violence Shelters

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Domestic Violence Shelters

Identify a particular program or area of practice, I choose Domestic Violence Shelters (Domestic Violence Shelters)

Identify and analyze three articles from current literature that inform the program or practice area you selected through theory or issue-specific research.

Write an 8 page paper (including title and reference pages) that explains the history of the program or practice area you selected, its current status, and how it is evolving today within a region or country of your choice. Then, describe any policies that govern the program or practice you selected. Finally, explain how you would like the program or practice to move forward in order to positively change an individual, an organization, or a community.

Here are a few articles (you can pick 3 articles to analyze for this assignment)

Fisher, E. M., & Stylianou, A. M. (2019). To stay or to leave: Factors influencing victims’ decisions to stay or leave a domestic violence emergency shelter. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 34(4), 785–811.

Akyazi, S., Tabo, A., Guveli, H., İlnem, M. C., & Oflaz, S. (2018). Domestic Violence Victims in Shelters: What Do We Know About Their Mental Health? Community Mental Health Journal, 54(3), 361–369.

Danis, F. S., Keisel-Caballero, K., & Johnson, C. H. (2019). The Safe Shelter Collaborative: An Innovative Approach to Locating Emergency Shelter for Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence Survivors. Violence Against Women, 25(7), 882–899.

Sullivan, C., & Virden, T. (2017). An Eight State Study on the Relationships Among Domestic Violence Shelter Services and Residents’ Self-Efficacy and Hopefulness. Journal of Family Violence, 32(8), 741–750.

Bergstrom-Lynch, C. A. (n.d.). Empowerment in a Bureaucracy? Survivors’ Perceptions of Domestic Violence Shelter Policies and Practices. AFFILIA-JOURNAL OF WOMEN AND SOCIAL WORK, 33(1), 112–125.

Basic, E., Saravanja, N., & Baric, Z. (2018). Satisfaction of Female Victims of Domestic Violence with Their Stay in Women’s Shelter. LJETOPIS SOCIJALNOG RADA, 25(3), 451–479.