Domestic Violence Class Writing Assignment

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The papers must contain detailed topic information and relevant contemporary details (e.g.: Elder Abuse, Batterers, LGTBq+ Partner Violence, etc. ). Reference the Course Calendar for due dates. Papers must be properly formatted using APA standards (6th Ed.). Each paper is worth 25 pts. Papers are to be submitted online only!!

The papers must contain: (1) title page, (2) reference page, (3) 12-font, double spacing, (4) minimum of three (3) peer-reviewed sources. (5) No abstract required.


Topic Information: 9 points (is the topic relevant to the course? Is the information current/contemporary issue?)

Mechanics: 5 points (Proper grammar, sentence structure, good flow of information, reads well)

APA format: 7 points (proper APA format (6th Ed.) consistent throughout the paper, including title, reference page, in-text citations.

Followed Instructions: 4 points (turned in by due date? 5 pages in length? Paper contained a minimum of three peer reviewed sources?)