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Early Explorers

Overview: There are two goals to this activity. The first is to write essay-style body paragraphs. The second is to demonstrate your understanding of the early explorerer’s rhetorical tactics and attitudes toward the New World’s inhabitants.

Participation: You may complete this activity alone or in groups of 2-3.


This is a two-part activity. In part one, you’ll answer the questions below in paragraph form. In part two, you’ll reflect on how this activity has helped you progress toward your goal 1-2 sentences.

Part one: Answer the questions below. One paragraph per question, so three total. Each of your paragraphs should include: an argumentative topic sentence, one to two citations, and original arguments that respond to your citation. You should cite from Columbus, Champlain, and de Vaca at least once each.

1. Compare and contrast how two explorers make the New World sound appealing to their monarchs. Refer to at least two experiences, one from each explorer.

2. Compare and Contrast Champlain’s and de Vaca’s attitudes toward the Native American’s lives and cultures.

3. Why do you think the explorer’s emphasize converting the Native Americans. Do you believe they’re motivated by religious purposes, personal gain, both, or something else?

Part Two: Answer the question below in 1-2 sentences.

4. Reflection: Review chapter one test, what part of the exam has this activity helped prepare you?