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“I had a colleague who was the Front Office Manager at a major hotel. This manager happened to be of Korean descent. One day, she was supporting the staff at the desk and helped a caucasian couple check into the hotel. As she walked around the desk to hand the guests their keys, the woman bowed toward the manager with her hands together at her chest and said “Arigato,” which you may know is “thank you” in Japanese.

This could have been incredibly awkward. Instead, the manager simply responded with “thank you, enjoy your stay.” Have you ever seen or experienced a cultural misunderstanding? Or a situation where a guest with a disability was misunderstood or struggled with a service provider? What happened?

Using a minimum of 300 words, describe your experience from beginning to end and what emotions the experience inspired. E.g. were you thrilled when you received something unexpected? Were you annoyed when they were out of something? What actions did the service provider(s) take?