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Discussion Question:

  1. In what ways have we as a society legitimized domestic violence as a real issue in our country? What social movements are happening right now that pertain to this issue and do you feel like they are working?

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Patrick’s Post:

Three reasons for society legitimzing domestic violence or internal partner violence (IPV) is the rising cost of healthcare in domestic violence cases, the loss of production in our modern day economy, and the evolution of social media that gives victims a voice to reach a mass crowd (Martin, 2015). Doctors and nurses, law enforcment, teachers, and other professionals in the workforce are seeing examples daily of the cycle of violence and the harm it can do to coworkers, friends, and family members involved. Statistics show that healthcare costs for domestic disputes are in the millions while loss of economic production is in the billions (Martin, 2015).

The professionals who see the examples of domestic disturbances are the driving force for advocacy against (IPV). The Domestic Violenc Advocacy Program (DVAP) is the combining of multiple programs to bring awareness to (IPV) in society and to come up with proper ways to prevent it (Martin, 2015). Teachers working with law enforcement to have conversations about domestic abuse in a classroom is one way to bring awareness. This could be an example of a school based conflict resolution program where you are reaching out to the kids to let them know the forms and signs of a domestic dispute and that it is okay to take action against it (Martin, 2015).

Social media, (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.) brings domestic violence to a widespread attention that can start a nationwide or global moverment. One example woud be the Me Too Movement. This movement brings attention to women who have been sexually assaulted and gives them an extra voice they need to speak up when someone has assaulted them. I believe this is working because we see daily in local and national high profile cases like Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby as two examples who are serving time for the crimes they committed against women. These examples are extremely important because it is gives women who have been abused by others that have not been shown all over the media the strength to seek justice against them.

Martin, M.E. (2015). Advocacy for social justice: A global perspective. (1st ed)

London, UK: Pearson Education

Patricia’s Post:

Domestic violence does not discriminate as the abuser can be a spouse , intimate partner, family member. Domestic violence occurs in all cultures of society, and there are many forms of abuse such as; hitting, emotional, sexual abuse etc., Women that are abuse will have a higher rate of physical and mental health issue according to the (CDC 2010). It is always horrible to hear when a women has been abused but when they are murder at the hand of their abuser its even worst at what time in society women were discarded when they reported being abused by their mate , however in 1984 the Government begin to take notice, as there were so many women reporting abuse that funding was established in America to address the issue at hand. The first program was “ The Family Violence Prevention and Services program that provided emergency shelter for the victim of domestic violence. Then “The Justice Department” established (VAWA) Violence Against Women ACT in (1994). In addition, a law was passed in (1996) for individuals that committed violence against their partners were not allowed to have a gun. The SAFE Program at People Place in Kent County works with families of domestic violence. For Latinos victims can contact Abriendo Puerta’s a Bilingual Hotline , located in Delaware. There are also financial assistance for domestic violent victims that have pets , this will allow the victims to have a safe place for their pets. In Delaware there is much awareness regarding violence against women such as “Domestic Violence Awareness Month” which is held in October and in February its “National Teen Dating Violence and Prevention Awareness”. April is “ National Sexual Assault Month” then there is “National Awareness Stalking Month .

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