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Discussion Question:

Review the following resources regarding website construction:

https://www.december.com/web/develop/analyze.html (Links to an external site.)

Based on the information you read in the website construction resources, take a look at your organization’s website and identify at least two features of effective website construction and two things that could be done differently to make the website more effective.

(Note: You do not need to respond to the discussion questions, it is included for your reference so you are aware of what questions the students are replying to) I posted my colleagues’ responses to the discussion question above, please respond to their post. Begin the response with Hi Alexa/Alisha) (I need at least a half page response for each person) Please include references and provide the url link to all journal articles you use as references. Use current (meaning within the past 2 years) scholarly journal articles as references. Please use APA 6th edition format. Thanks)

Alexa’s Post:

My organizations website has been redesigned for the better, but still needs some updating. There is not a designated person to maintain the upkeep of the website or social media, we just have an individual who created the website and left it to us to update and maintain, which doesn’t happen that often. As I went on the website to check on some analytical things for this review, our website was actually hacked so guess who spent the rest of the day on the phone with Godaddy!? This just proves that that the upkeep of our website definitely struggles and is unprotected because no one has taken the necessary steps to check for malware.

On a good note, when the website is up and running, the readability is great, the mission is stated and easy to find, our Facebook feed is mirrored on our website, there are ways to donate and it is easy to sign up as a member directly on the site!

Two things that could be done differently is the layout of our sports page including the pictures of each of our three locations instead of just our main location and then we also have a lot of false negative cues for pages that are blank. Other than that we are doing pretty good!

I wouldnt click on it because it’s been hacked but the website is (www.palde.org (Links to an external site.))

Web Development: Analysis. (n.d.). Retrieved September 23, 2020, from https://www.december.com/web/develop/analyze.html

Alisha’s Post:

Air Force.com provides extensive knowledge of what a potential trainee would require to join. The website explains the process in-depth and provides an updated list of career paths an individual could pressure if they make it through the medical clearance and scores a high enough aptitude test score. The website provides information about the mission, vision, history, pay, and benefits of the Air Force. The website includes information on the ability to further education, provides information concerning the military lifestyle, and includes a list of installations all over the United States and Overseas. The website also contains a list of recruiters by location for someone interested to make contact with and a live chat and phone number option to answer any questions someone may have. The website also provides videos for interested individuals to watch; however, the videos do not give an actual account of what an interested party would encounter nor a complete breakdown of the career field.