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I’m studying for my Literature class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

As you respond to peers share and discuss similarities; note differences; and ask questions. You must post an initial response to one of the prompt questions above and respond to at least two of your peers. Each of your posts must range between 100-200 words. I look forward to sharing in your responses!


1. Grammar and spelling count. Though occasional mistakes in writing are understandable, overly-casual posts (substituting letters or code for words, for example) with recurring mistakes (such as failure to punctuate and capitalize) will negatively impact grades so take time to proofread carefully.

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My exposer to literature in the past has not been a vast amount, but some of my favorite that i have read is the great Gatsby and 1984. I enjoyed the great Gatsby as it is a story that anybody can relate to, as it is a story of love and heartbreak. i first read this book in middle school and enjoyed how he went from broke to throwing magnificent parties waiting for daisy. In the book of 1984, it is a dystopian survalliance state that has crushed the souls and minds of the people that they are afraid of coming out, speaking out against the government, and they have to hide everything they do from “big brother”.

My Taste in fiction is dystopian fiction, political fiction, and friendship fiction. The kinds of reading that grab my attention are the ones where judging from reviews and the blurb that through my own imagination it would allow me to draw comparisons to the world of today whether it be through politics, technology, or just life experiences everybody will eventually go through. The ones i do not enjoy are books where it is purley sunshine and rainbows, because everybody understands that those are only things you witness as a child before the bone crushing reality of the world sets itself in.