Discussion Replies

I need support with this Communications question so I can learn better.

please reply to as least two of your peer’s posts. Each reply

must be at least 100 words. In each reply, please do at least one of

the following:

1 Note something you have in common with your peer

2. Share some feedback in response to their thoughts or feelings about their post.

Classmate 1 : I believe that I think the way that I do mainly because of my upbringing and culture. Since my parents taught

me how to speak, read, and write, they also in a way taught me how to

linguistically think. Their influence, along with the cultures they have

and shared with me, made a major impact in my thought process. I

believe we could all try and think differently by opening ourselves up

to new experiences, cultures, and ways of life. In experiencing new

points of views, we allow ourselves to change how we view the world. I

mainly want to create thoughts that are positive, healthy, and

personally beneficial. I think that a healthy mindset is key to having a

healthy life. I have noticed that I “talk” to myself differently than

when I talk to other people. When I’m thinking I speak a lot more freely

and frequently, whereas when I’m with others I make sure that we both

have equal footing and speaking opportunities in the conversation. I

also use far more slang terms and much less formalities when I am

thinking than when I’m talking.

In thinking of ways that my language reflects my culture’s behaviors and attitudes, I noted that I speak to people in different ways. I am very formal with people I have just met and people who have positions of authority over me, while I am more casual with my friends and family. I think this shift in formalities in my language is an example of how my culture affects my speech, as my culture has taught me to speak to people differently depending on my relationship with them.

Three slang terms that I use are “fam,” “fr,” and “testing.” The terms “fam” and “fr” are abbreviations of the words “family” and “for real;” with fam being a familiar nickname for friends. I use these terms mainly when I text my friends, as I am able to type much faster, while my friends also know what the terms mean. The term “testing” has only developed recently due to all my classes being online because of the pandemic. As my family tends to pop into my room quite frequently, I developed this term as a way to quickly tell my family that I am busy while taking a test or quiz. I would say that I tend to use slang a lot more with my friends than with my family, but I do text my friends almost daily. I think I don’t use slang as much with my family due to the generational gap between us, as many of the slang terms I use were created by and for people of my generation. Slang words depend solely on both parties being able to understand them, so there are some circumstances where we do and don’t use them.

Classmate 2 :

When the speaker asked the 3 questions, the answers came to me easily. I believe that the way someone thinks is primarily based on their life experiences, and culture. As an Iraqi, I might find myself thinking differently than some other people would, and that’s just because of the way I was raised. Although, I would be able to start thinking differently/my opinions might change if, I experience somethings that differs from my current thoughts. I’m a very open minded person , and always choose to create nothing but positive thoughts about everything. What ever is positive and will keep me motivated in life, I will be thinking about . My language has many words that if spoken to someone with my same background will be interpreted one way, or taken as a joke, but if spoken with someone of a different background, might be taken as offensive or rude. I’m sure this is present with many other cultures as well. In term of slang, I don’t know any Arabic slang, but there are a few that I use in the English language around my friends. I’m always using “Chill/”, which translates to “take it easy” , or “Hella”, “This food is “Hella” good bro”, meaning something like extremely. Antoher slang word that I quite often use is “Swag”, which in slang translates to “having style/looking fresh”. I use slang as needed, and depending on who I’m around. I would more likely use slang around my friend rather than in a professional envioremnt, the reason this is, going back to last week’s discussion, people perceive you in a certain way, and first impressions are always really important. Lets say I’m going to a job interview, if I use slang, it is less likely I get hired because I would be taken less seriously, and perceived as unprofessional.