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Discussion | The Roles of People in Conservation

For many centuries, people of great civilizations and conservation practices co-existed environmental harmonies. Although these civilizations had differences among themselves, they worked their best to be part of the ecosystems. In recent times, many things have changed and challenged conservation planning.

With weaker environmental policies and regulations, conservation practices become much harder to protect land-use changes such as deforestation, new settlement development, oil drilling, coal mining, dumping pollution into river and ocean water bodies, unplanned urban development, logging, and expansion of agricultural activities—also, legal initiatives such as the declaration of state forests, national parks or wildlife reserves.

Give thought into these issues in your write up:

the Earth supports over seven billion people, increasing human population, resource consumption, expansion of food production lands, increased waste, lack of recycling facilities, and environmental footprint.

Reasons for Degradation Species:

lack of leadership, lack of political will, biased environmental ordinances, lack of public education on ecological degradations, loss and degradation of habitat, climate change, chemical and biochemical pollution, illegal logging and poaching, invasive species, disease, loss of plant pollinators, and human-induced wildfire and many more

Conservation can be achieved through participation by local people. This brings our previous question about whether indigenous practices or western sciences are the best systems for biodiversity conservation. Although local participation is significant in biodiversity conservation, there are situations where institutions need to take strong steps beyond people’s involvement. If both (local and expert) failed to work together for better results, conflicts start, and conservation measures are lost and fail.
Take examples from globally and nationally and support your arguments. There are plenty of examples and use your broader research.

  • Provide me an in-depth understanding of what true participation is
  • Tell me where the government has the jurisdiction to apply its direction over people’s wish
  • Tell me where people have the power to apply their act over the government’s responsibility
  • Tell me where both can cooperate for sustainable biodiversity conservation.
  • Provide me where conservation planning failed due to inappropriate ambitions of people over government regulations and vice versa.
  • Support your argument with examples