Discussion Question 1-1.5 pages

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I will work with the poor community.

Discussion Instructions

Choose a group in the health care workforce that you are most likely to work with or manage in your future career. Some examples might be members of a specific race, religion, age, sexual identity, physical ability, country of origin, economic class, and so on.

Once you have a group in mind, write a post in which you:

  • Identify the group you selected.
  • Discuss the diversity metrics of the group using statistics and data on employment in the health care industry. What percentage of the health care workforce does the group represent?
  • Research and describe the specific labor laws that protect this group.
  • Research an organization and briefly describe an initiative the organization sponsors and engages in to support the group.
  • Explain how one of the signature traits of inclusive leadership might be applied to the role and responsibilities of managing this group.