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Here is the graded discussion post question, (Aim for 250 words)

Focusing on the American Cancer Society “Current State Value Stream Map” from our class exercise, and the “Design Thinking” guide posted in Module 5 (in the link Required Readings and Videos), please address the following in your answer:

Identify another specific “pain point” or “change opportunity” in the current state VSM (please state it in your answer, pick one we did not discuss in class), apply the idea of “prototyping” from Design Thinking (from the one-page guide now posted in module 5, under Required readings and videos, also check out the design thinking web page on the reading list) and suggest how you would implement a prototype approach in addressing the specific pain point or change opportunity.  Thus, suggest a hypothetical action or implementation step that would “bring to life” that design thinking aspect in the case of addressing the ACS pain point or change opportunity.

These are the articles to be read to help

What is Lean Healthcare?  April 27, 2018, NEJM Catalyst.  https://catalyst.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/CAT.18.0193 (Links to an external site.)

The Only Six Lean Healthcare Articles You Need to Read.  ClearPoints Strategy.  https://www.clearpointstrategy.com/6-lean-healthcare-articles/ (Links to an external site.)  (Please review the six articles)

What is Design Thinking?  Available at:  https://www.ideou.com/blogs/inspiration/what-is-design-thinking (Links to an external site.). (Review web page, there is a 48 minute video on this page that is optional viewing).

Videos to watch to help:



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discussion post

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Every restaurant has its own Standard Operating Procedures, which include the steps of service to ensure consistency in quality of service. You studied the steps of service in the Module, which have been designed by the instructor for a casual American style of service. This discussion assignment focuses on evaluating some of the styles of service in the module.

You are asked to watch the “Training for Waiters Steps of Service” video on YouTube and to take each of the following four styles of service and evaluate whether the six steps of service offered in the video could be applied to each of the styles of service. You will have to briefly explain why if they apply or why if they do not.

1. American Style of service

2. French style of service

3. Butler style of service

4. Combination of styles (like an Asian Restaurant)