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Help me study for my Political Science class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Considering that volunteers bring a wealth of knowledge to nonprofit organizations and often interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving, respond to the following 3 questions. If you have any personal experience, please feel free to share. Please make this post by Wednesday at 11:59pm (see due date on syllabus).

1. How do you know if a nonprofit is ready to recruit volunteers?

2. How should a nonprofit organization get their paid staff to understand the value of volunteers when they are intentionally recruited to be “differently-skilled”, meaning skilled in different ways from the majority of paid staff in that organization?

3. How can a nonprofit move from utilizing volunteers as untrained staff assistants to catalysts and innovators for approaching old problems?

By Saturday of this week by 11:59pm, post a response to one other student. To earn full credit, make sure that you add to the discussion (rather than simply agree or disagree with another student). To add to the discussion, you can reference reading material, such as your text book, or personal examples from your experience.

Points –

.75 for your original post.

.25 for responding to at least one other student’s posting.