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1) This week, we’re examining the ways Burr’s delivery and message complement each other by responding to similar cultural anxieties tied to manhood, control, and vulnerability. Burr provides arguably the clearest example of a joke and it’s delivery turning the proverbial “Rubik’s cube” many times: he speaks to men who are angry, want to do better, and feel pressure to self-silence, just to name a few. Following this model, look back to one of the other comedians we’ve watched to write a 250-word initial post that theorizes about the other comedian’s “Rubik’s cube.” What anxieties do they speak to and how? Pro-tip: Avoid Tig Notaro since we’ve discussed her work so thoroughly in this way, as well, so it will be very hard to offer anything novel.

watch Bill Burr’s Paper Tiger and read Stanley Fish’s “Short People Got No Reason to Live: Reading Irony.”

2) What are the general advantages of conducting a mixed-methods study, rather than two or more different studies, to address a single research question?

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    The main advantage of using the multi-method is that the qual method will give you more details about the qual method. They work hand in hand with each other one completing the other. With the multi-method, you are able to gather more detailed and informative information than by doing two or three separate studies. By doing a multi-method study can save you time and you can use the same participants throughout the entire study. Using the Quan method will give you the quantity of the study while the Qual method will give you the details of the study to go with the stories from the Quan method.