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In Lesson 2, we learned that political views can influence the beliefs that people have regarding the factors that affect energy pricing. Lesson 3 shows us that there are many beliefs (in many cases, very strong beliefs) that people have regarding sustainable, renewable, and conventional energy that are often completely unfounded or based on incomplete information. The four myths highlighted in the chapter that are based on the 2011 OSU study are definitely not the only myths that people have regarding renewable energy. Research and discuss both the myths highlighted in the 2011 OSU study and other common myths when it comes to renewable and/or sustainable energy.

Things to consider include stats/figures that support or refute these myths, motives/influences that may drive the belief in these myths and the sources of these influences, and ways in which consumers can be educated on energy so that they can distinguish between myths and realities. Since 2011, many of the beliefs related to the myths reported in the OSU study have shifted. Therefore, another thing to consider is how these beliefs have evolved through time. 


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Discussion Forum

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According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a metaphor is a “word or phrase for one thing that is used to refer to another thing in order to show or suggest that they are similar”.

Our text discusses 5 metaphors that the US often uses; the one that is most common is “melting pot”, where all the cultures come together and “melt” into one.

The metaphor that is often used for Canadian Diversity is that of a Mosaic.

Your task for this discussion forum is to individually research the idea of the Canadian Mosaic, and provide an example where you can see this idea in action. To provide contrast, it is often helpful to be clear on the difference between “melting pot” and “mosaic”

The questions:

Answer the following 3 questions.

Number each question so the other people in your group can see you have answered them all.

  • What is the does the metaphor “Canadian Mosiac” mean?How does it differ from the metaphor of the “US Melting Pot”?paraphrase, cite your source in APA
  • How is the Canadian Mosaic embedded into Canadian life? (an example, the Truth and Reconciliation hearings validated Aboriginal experience)
  • Describe a personal example of the Canadian mosaic that you are familiar with.

(my example – I played in Vancouver Dorfmusik (Swiss German band) and for many years celebrated Swiss National Day with the Swiss Society of Vancouver. I am part Icelandic, not Swiss at all. Everyone was welcome.)