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Please, respond to two of your classmates. In your 50-100 word replies, you might recommend they read another classmate’s post on a similar topic. Or, you might respectfully state your agreement and/or disagreement with aspects of their post. You might even share a similar experience, such as your own news feed. Finally, you might nuance their definition of a key term, or offer an example. The goal is to generate a conversation that increases all of our understandings news media source credibility.

1-The differences between fake news and propaganda. Although there is usually a very clearly a difference in fake news and propaganda some people may find it hard to differ between the two. They are both similar, but they do have the slightest bit of difference. While they are both misunderstanding and misleading news, the difference is that propaganda tries to persuade the audience in a certain way. Fake news is as stated in the name “fake” and sometimes stems from social media platforms in order to get likes. Propaganda does sometimes happen to be true, however it adds an opinion. One thing I like to always keep in mind is that all sites and will have a slight tendency of bias and that should be a fact that is looked at.

2- A reasonably large problem today is misinformation, whether it be on purpose or by accident. Fake news is information written in a way that makes you think that it is official while it couldn’t be further from the truth. Propaganda is similar to fake news in that it is misleading. However, propaganda leaves information out, so one side always seems to be much worse than the other. Propaganda is a prevalent tool for people who want to tear down someone; untrue gossip can be considered propaganda to a certain extent. Sometimes these two can be used in tangent to get people to believe things that are not even close to the truth. Clickbait, on the other hand, is slightly different than the other two. Clickbait is usually used to get someone’s attention, which turn can lead them towards fake news or propaganda. Clickbait uses interesting pictures or sentences that perk a person’s interest in a topic. When used in conjunction with one another, someone could get thrown down a path before even know how wrong they are