Discussion: Ethics

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  1. Answer the discussion prompt in 6-8 sentences.
  2. Discussion prompt: The killing of George Floyd in May 2020 led many people to reflect on the history of racial discrimination in the United States and take action to reduce personal and institutional racism. This is a contemporary issue that is not addressed in ancient religious texts but that religions and philosophies are grappling with today.For your post, find a web article describing how a religious group or philosophy has addressed racism, discrimination, or the Black Lives Matter movement over the past months. Or, you can find an article about how a religious group has perpetuated—or fought against—racial discrimination at some point in US history. Link to the article in your post, summarize what it says, and share what you think about it.To add a link to your post: Describe your source in a few words. Highlight this text and select the link icon at the top or bottom of the reply box. Then, copy and paste the URL in the area provided