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Organizations can do a lot to offer a great work environment and benefits to employees. Here is where you can find the top 100 companies to work



Choose one and research what type of programs they offer that make them a better company to work for. NO REPEATS – EACH STUDENT MUST REPORT ON A DIFFERENT ORGANIZATION. Report back to the class.

Title your thread the name of your company, so your classmates know which ones have been selected.


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Need help with my Health & Medical question – I’m studying for my class.

Rounds and dyads are excellent techniques for support groups and counseling groups, but they may also be effectively used in task groups, project groups, and teams to enhance decision-making processes, performance, and productivity. Discuss how you would implement the techniques observed in the videos during the meetings of such a group. Develop 1 specific example of a round and 1 specific example of a dyad exercise, and explain how these would be valuable to the group. In your replies, offer helpful recommendations on how to refine or adapt these exercises. Feel free to share applicable experiences about group/team meetings in your personal or professional context.