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Hello! As we move right into Module #2, let’s take some time to discuss the foundational principles of building an emergency management organization. The responsibilities of emergency management can exist in small businesses, municipalities, emergency management agencies (EMAs), and even academic institutions. Regardless of the organization, operating an efficient, effective entity able to fulfill its duties and obligations is of the utmost importance. For purposes of this discussion, select just one of the many elements of organizing a local emergency management agency, or LEMA. Write at least two full paragraphs elaborating on its purpose, role, and importance in the overall operations of a successful LEMA. What are some of the challenges in creating and implementing this piece? If this element was not in-place, how would its absence affect the LEMA? Also, please remember to reply to the posts of at least two (2) other students. This facilitates the best possible discussion each week. Thank you! Textbook: Lindell, M., Prater, C., & Perry, R. (2007). Introduction to emergency management. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN-13: 978-0471772606


Discussion Board

I’m stuck on a Economics question and need an explanation.

http://www.jordantimes.com/news/business/turbulence-tests-ivory-coast%E2%80%99s-feted-economic-revival (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

1) Why is Ivory Coast facing economic instability?

2) What economic policies does Ivory Coast need to implement to revive its economy?

3) How do you think the economic issue in this western African nation will affect neighboring countries and the entire continent as a whole?

5) What types of factors would you include to improve the GDP?