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The objective of the DB is to participate in two FULL surveys so that you can compare and contrast them to the characteristics that we have established for the second part of our project. It is a great learning experience to see what the professionals create and how they are executed. Consider how well, or not, that they designed the questions, ordered the questions, used different types of questions, used pics or media to make the survey more interesting and easy to follow. You can also consider their use of the rating scales and descriptors.

Take surveys on https://www.opinionoutpost.com/

Account information are:

username: cyasa001@my.wilmu.edu

password: 12345cihan


discussion board

I don’t understand this History question and need help to study.

In preparation review the Federalist v. Anti-Federalist chart in this module before you write you posts.


1) If you were living in 1787 what would you support?
Would you be for the new Constitution as a Federalist or would you be against the new document and side with the Anti-Federalists? Make sure you give 3 reasons why you support the new Constitution or why you are against the new Constitution. Describe and explain your reasons using examples from Module Week 6.
2) Do you see any issues debated in 1787 that relate to current issues today? explain.

–Make sure you use at least 3 specific reasons why choose to be for or against the new Constitution