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Some managers and organizations go to great lengths to monitor their employees’ behavior, and they keep extensive records about employees’ behavior and performance. Think about the ethical implications of an organization monitoring and collecting information about their employees. What kind of information is it ethical to collect or unethical to collect? Why? Should managers and organizations inform subordinates they are collecting such information? What types of controls would you expect to be in place?


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I’m trying to learn for my Website Design class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Web Design (IT404)

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To help you understand many of the basic concepts, issues and techniques related to designing, developing and deploying websites.

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Nowadays, availability of well-designed, user-friendly, effective in navigation, elegant looking web sites is a key to success of a business brand. Your web site should not only be easily accessible to various kind of users but its contents should also be accessible in reasonable amount of time.

“As a Web designer, discuss the needs for designing well performing web sites. How can you improve performance of your web site?”