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Listening in the Workplace

Consider the listening skills outlined in this unit’s readings. Identify two listening skills you could benefit from improving upon. How would improving your listening skills increase the effectiveness of your communication in the workplace? What about in your personal life? Explain the listening strategies from the text reading that you can use to improve your listening skills.

You don’t have to do an outline. Just need 200-250 words in APA Format


discussion board

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For this assignment, you will participate in a class discussion of the Key Concepts of Project Management. You are required to develop and post an initial response and then reply to two other classmates per the instructions below.

Initial Response Guidelines:

For your initial post select a topic for your discussion from the list below. (To reduce duplication please select a topic that has not been selected by another student or select one with fewer duplications.) Please include the topic you selected in the “Topic Title” of your initial post.

  • Project Management Process Groups
  • Project Management Knowledge Areas
  • Projects, Programs, and Portfolios
  • Project Life Cycles
  • Progressive Elaboration
  • Project Tailoring Enterprise Environmental
  • Factors Organizational Process Assets
  • Initiating a Project
  • Using the PMBOK Guide or any relevant source to Provide a brief summary of the topic. Your summary should include APA 6.0 compliant in-text citations and references. (If you are new to APA style please see the APA style references located from Citation Styles Link under the eCourse Portal QEP Tutorials page.
  • Be sure to address the following question in your initial response:

How does your topic relate to a project? Use a real-world example from your personal experience if you have one.