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In 500+ words in APA 7th edition format (use the Writing Style Guide in the left hand menu, no title page nor abstract needed though) and in paragraph form (one paragraph per bullet point item below), write in the textbox (no attachments, make sure to have 2+ references in APA format at the end of your post, highlight your whole post and choose Remove Formatting in the upper right of the textbox) with at least one scholarly (our textbook, other textbooks, peer-reviewed academic journal articles from the Liberty library) reference (industry reports from the Liberty library databases, practitioner journals such as HBR, and authored recent popular sources from industry associations are good too but not a substitute for textbooks and peer-reviewed articles) about the following four topics (therefore, four paragraphs):

Briefly, describe the industry (use NAICS.com) and the top two current markets that your company serves. In a narrative format (using third person pronouns only), describe the strengths, skills, and resources of the company that may be leveraged to enter new markets and serve new customer target markets or niches. Instead of the organization you work for/with, you may choose an organization you worked for/with in the past or one you aspire to work for/with. Be clear about your choice (you work there now, you worked there, or you aspire to work there). 

Research Porters 5 Forces in the four of the presentations and in one additional scholarly (another textbook, a peer-reviewed academic journal article from the Liberty library) and comprehensively address each element (new, adjacent, vertical) concerning your consideration of moving into new, adjacent, and vertical markets with the company you mentioned in the first bullet point above.

Define (from the Introduction in the textbook) and describe (from chapter 3 in the textbook) corporate entrepreneurship. Explain how your company could enter a new, emerging market to generate profitable growth with a mission of consequence. 

Relate the Scripture below to the consideration of entering a new market.
Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.  Prov. 19:21 (ESV)


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Discussion board 1

I’m working on a Philosophy exercise and need support.

You try to live strictly by the moral rules contained in your religion’s moral code. The two most important rules are “Be merciful” (don’t give people what they deserve) and “Be just” (give people exactly what they deserve). Now suppose a man is arrested for stealing food from your house, and the police leave it up to you whether he should be prosecuted for his crime or set free. Should you be merciful and set him free, or be just and make sure he is appropriately punished? How do you resolve this conflict of rules? Can your moral code resolve it? To what moral principles or theories do you appeal?