Pick a decision support system and/or data warehouse technology, that you find especially intriguing.  Explain why you chose the topic and if it has a specific use or general use. (e.g. current events/development, future trends, your experience, and understanding.)  Reference and article or Blog that helped you form your perspective.

(2-3 Paragraph and cite it please ).


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– answer the first question in one paragraph than respond to the other paragraphs.
– Describe some of the advantages and disadvantages of universal genetic testing?

– one advantage of universal genetic testing is predicting diseases. with genetic testing, there is potential to use this new testing to find the common traits of people that had a certain illness or disease and see the commonality within those individuals while using this information to predict future illnesses. this would be extremely useful for the control aspect of quickly spreading illnesses or diseases. another advantage is there would be more potential to test medicines for pharmacists and see how medicine could affect people’s bodies. this could also be used to test reproductive genetics and see if there are any patterns or just acquire more information from testing. some of the disadvantages maybe since the technology for this isn’t perfect there could be inconclusive results. this could also make anxiety in a person increase if they find out that there is a chance they are more susceptible to a certain condition causing immense stress.

– The advantages would be that if a country has a major break out of a deadly virus “covid-19” then if it was properly aquatinted to early then it could be a less likelihood of major spread and catastrophe. It could help tons of people and help society in a whole. It can help with finding a DNA transmitted gene that has cancerous genes become solved and help millions of people everyday. It can be a disadvantage as well due to economic status. for instance if one day there is a absolute cure of cancer then it will be a great price to get someone’s hands o the cure. so to just place it out there it would be a disadvantage due to people being gratefully greedy and only thinking about themselves or the money that they could sell the cure for.