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reply to each paragraph separately in 4 sentences:

– There are 3 types of effects that affect the the way people interpret information which are: dread effect, unfamiliarity effect, and uncontrollability effect. Dread effect is information people perceived as hazardous and has fearful consequences, an example for this effect is that people may fear sharks more than drowning. Unfamiliarity effect is the information that may seem hazardous because of fear but it is the fear of the unknown but has potential to have benefit, an example of this effect is knowing your uncle died because of reckless driving so it may influence the way you drive. Uncontrollability effect are hazards that are out of our control and that threatening to us because they are out of our control, an example of this effect is is car accidents seem less dangerous than plane crashes, but statistics show that planes are safer.

– Perception is a set of comprehensions that people react to according to the motive, meaning that people’s perceptions are based on how people react to the different feelings they get when they see something, or hear something. The unfamiliarity effect is one of the effects that affect the way people interpret information; the unfamiliarity effect is how people see specific things in life due to the past experiences they had with that specific thing. An example of this would be a girl growing up that was exposed to the “ugly” of divorce, and her growing up not wanting a divorce with her husband due to her childhood experience. Another effect is the dread effect; this means that dangerous influences could easily create fearful visions/consequences for a person. An example of dread effect would be a parent reading a newspaper about a teen who got tossed into jail because of drugs, and the parent starts to fear the future of her kids.